Caliva GIO Vape Oil Cartridges: Product Review

We’re doing something a little different here today at Cannabis and Caffeine – the fine folks over at Caliva in San Jose provided us with three of their new in-house vape oil formulations, along with a compatible G pen GIO battery, in exchange for a review.

We spent some time with those carts the last few days, and here are our thoughts about Caliva’s new line of cannabis oil.

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California Cannabis: Edibles and Drinks and Tinctures, Oh My!

This story originally appeared on Caliva Weekly.

Maybe the iconic smell or cloud of smoke above your head isn’t your scene, or maybe you just want to be a bit more discreet with your cannabis consumption. Whatever the reason, the great news is: You’re no longer stuck with smelly joints or the calamity of spilled bong water. From mints to tinctures to sparkling pomegranate drinks, if you can dream it, clever cannabis entrepreneurs are making it a reality.

In other words, we’ve entered an awesome new world where you can have your cannabis and eat it too. Or drink it. Or drop it under your tongue. Ya dig? There are more ways than ever to smoke cannabis without actually smoking, and the choice is all yours. Continue reading “California Cannabis: Edibles and Drinks and Tinctures, Oh My!”

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