Proper Marijuana Smoking Etiquette

This story originally appeared on Caliva Weekly.

Marijuana legalization in California has allowed cannabis enthusiasts to begin stepping into the light and away from the stigma and all the stereotypes. Smoking cannabis with friends isn’t a new type of social activity, but whether you’re a cannabis newbie or a seasoned smoker, a refresher on the rules of weed smoking never hurts.

Yes, there ARE weed smoking faux pas, but here’s how you can avoid them. The following rules have been sourced from cannabis smokers all over the country and selected specially for your education.

Rules for Smoking Joints and Pre-Rolls

  1. No bogarting.  Cannabis can make you chatty, but try to keep the circle moving.
  2. When in doubt, “puff puff pass” is always acceptable.
  3. If you see the joint begin to canoe, it’s your duty to stop it.

Rules for Smoking Pipes, Vapes and Bongs

  1. If you get “greens” – that is, the very first hit of a freshly packed bowl – only light a small portion of the bowl. Torching the whole thing means that no one else gets to taste those delicious terpenes. Don’t be selfish!
  2. When it’s your turn, only hit the pipe or bong once – hitting them twice is like double-dipping your chips in the salsa at a party. Just don’t do it. Vape etiquette varies – two pulls from a pen during a turn is often quite acceptable.
  3. Don’t pass an empty bowl. Let the next person know the bowl is getting close to the end if there’s not much left.
  4. Clear the bong. Don’t leave your smoke in there. You wouldn’t want to inhale someone’s stale leftovers, so don’t do it to anyone else.
  5. Don’t use another person’s lighter to stir the bowl. Paper clips do the job, or you can invest in a pipe tool.

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