The Low-Down on Terpenes

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There’s nothing like sticking your nose into a jar of fresh cannabis and enjoying the aromas within. The citrus of Lemon Haze, the pine of Jack Herer, the pungency of Sour Diesel: each strain has its own distinct scent. That’s because each strain has its own mix of what are known as terpenes.

You’ve probably heard of THC and CBD, but if you’re not familiar with terpenes, here’s what every cannaseur should know about these crucial elements of quality cannabis. Continue reading “The Low-Down on Terpenes”

Why Cannabis Retailers Should Care about Voice Search in 2018

If you’re not thinking about how your dispensary or cannabis business can benefit from voice search in 2018, now’s the time to start. Why, you might ask, should I bother with optimizing my site and content for voice search? Excellent question.

It’s no secret that Google has been making a big push for folks to use its assistant, whether on their tablets/mobile phones or in their homes with Google Home. The search giant has also:

Facts about Voice Search1

  • Experts predict that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.
  • 40% of adults now use voice search once per day
  • Nearly always on mobile and often focused locally: “Is there a dispensary near me?”
  • More conversational: “Where can I buy an eighth of Jack Herer?”
  • Tend to be longer than text searches

Voice Search and Local Search Are Linked

This article from Search Engine Journal also discusses tips to optimize for voice search – note their top suggestion is claiming your Google My Business listing, which also plays a role in how well you show up in local searches.

We talked about taking advantage of local search a while ago, and we want to emphasize its importance here again. Think about it: When you make a search on your phone, whether voice or text, you’re asked to share your location. Google uses that information to help give you the best search results based on where you are.

TIP: Google likes displaying aggregate review scores. You can encourage your customers to leave online reviews by offering a discount on their next purchase (check your state’s laws regarding discounts).


Mobile usage and voice searches are on the rise and will continue to factor in your website’s search engine rankings in 2018. Make sure your dispensary is taking advantage.

1Jeffs, M. “OK Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana; Can you tell me some stats on voice search?” Accessed 7 Dec. 2017.

Six Musts to Keep Your Dispensary Competitive in 2018

We’ve spent our fair share of time in dispensaries, particularly in the last few months as California neared full legalization. Now that we’ve had some time to go over our notes, here are six musts to keep your dispensary competitive in 2018.

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How to Avoid Being a Sh*tty Customer When Buying Cannabis: California First Weekend Edition

With any luck, you avoided being a shitty customer on Day 1 of legal recreational cannabis sales in California, and came home with a nice little green prize to celebrate – the staff at CaC sure did.

In the last couple of days, we’ve dropped in on a few dispensaries in San Jose, and have updates to the “Don’t be shitty” list. Take a look:

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Budtenders: Five Ways to Support Your Staff

You’ve done your due diligence and hired trustworthy, hardworking budtenders. But what can you do to help your budtenders be successful, knowledgeable employees? Here are five ways you can make sure your budtenders are the kind your customers trust and and are part of the reason they keep coming back.

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How to Avoid Being a Sh*tty Customer on the First Day of Legal Marijuana Sales in California

Yeah, we said it. We’ve all had days where we could have been better customers, whether at the grocery store or yes, even at our dispensary. The new adult use rules go into effect on Monday, and despite the hurdles along the way, Jan. 1, 2018, is going to be a historic and extremely hectic day in California cannabis.

Cannabis and Caffeine wants you to do your part to keep the atmosphere mellow and the lines moving. Here’s how avoid being a bad customer on the first day of recreational cannabis sales in California.

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How to Improve Your Dispensary’s Online Presence

You’ve got great products and a top-notch staff, but how strong is your dispensary’s online presence compared to the strength of your physical location? Advertising can be tricky due to marijuana being illegal at the federal level, and many websites consider cannabis content to go against their terms of service.

You may know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO), but we’re not going to dive into keywords and analytics in this post. Check out this cannabis dispensary SEO guide if you’re looking for tips on how to increase your dispensary’s SEO ranking.

If you want to improve your store’s online footprint, or you’re not quite sure where you’re site’s showing up the Web, we have a few additional tips for boosting your  dispensary’s online presence.

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Holiday Roundup: Cannabis and Christmas

Well, Christmas is upon us once again. For some, it’s a joyous time, for others it’s stressful as hell, and for still others…you don’t celebrate the holiday anyway and it’s just another smoking day of the year. Regardless of what, who and how you celebrate, CaC’s got the very best of Cannabis and Christmas right here:

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Three Pricing Strategies for Selling Unpopular Cannabis Products

You know your customers, your competition and your market – but sometimes, despite your best efforts, certain products end up sitting on your shelves. If you’re tired of waiting to free up that space, try these three pricing strategies for moving cannabis products that aren’t selling.

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