Why Should I Smoke Granddaddy Purple?

Everyone loves their purps, and this one’s a classic. Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP) is a legendary indica that’s ripe with the smell of berries and earth. These buds produce a rich smoke that is saturated with the scent of grapes – GDP really does taste like “purple.”

A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, this Northern California native is a mix of heavenly scents and a rainbow of colors: vibrant violet, neon green, fiery orange, frosty white. Its thick, dense buds are bursting with fragrant terpenes like myrcene, linalool and pinene, all of which have their own added therapeutic “entourage effects.”

Five Reasons to Try GDP

Not quite sure if Granddaddy Purple is for you? Here’s five reasons why you should pick up a gram today:

  1. For stress relief. We all have long days. Leave yours at the door. Put on some comfy clothes, sink into your sofa and let the stress slide right off your shoulders with a bowl of GDP. The terpene myrcene is known for its sedating, relaxing effects and is often found in high concentrations in GDP.
  2. For pain relief. Myrcene is also an anti-inflammatory, and linalool (another terpene found in high concentrations in GDP) can be used to treat pain. Users report relief from muscle cramps, spasms and even fibromyalgia symptoms. If you are looking for an opiate-free alternative for pain relief, try a pipe or two of GDP.
  3. For sleep. Whether you’re suffering from insomnia or just want to take a nap, GDP works better than counting sheep. Again, the terpenes myrcene and linalool play a role here, producing calming effects that make users drowsy.
  4. For sex. Many users report increased arousal when smoking GDP. A couple of puffs of GDP will definitely put you in a relaxed state of mind –  but whether you go solo or invite a friend, that’s up to you.
  5. For time travel. You read that correctly. What we mean is: go old school. Roll up a joint, pack a bowl in the “stylish vase” that didn’t fool your mom for a second – however you choose to smoke it doesn’t matter. We’re talkin: light up, chill out and listen to all those stellar records from your youth. No one actually called you the gangster of love…but we won’t tell.

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Want to try GDP for yourself? Hop on Leafly and find a dispensary near you.

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