Caliva GIO Vape Oil Cartridges: Product Review

We’re doing something a little different here today at Cannabis and Caffeine – the fine folks over at Caliva in San Jose provided us with three of their new in-house vape oil formulations, along with a compatible G pen GIO battery, in exchange for a review.

We spent some time with those carts the last few days, and here are our thoughts about Caliva’s new line of cannabis oil.


Caliva partnered with G Pen to create their line of carts, so if you don’t have a GIO battery, you’ll have to purchase one – although right now, Caliva is running a special, buy 2 carts get the battery free. Otherwise it’ll run you about $20. Not too bad for the price, as the GIO itself is sleek and simple. The cartridges click in easily, and the pen is breath activated, so there’s no buttons to push. The hardest part here is getting the cart out of the child-resistant packaging… Thanks California.

Also, a word of warning: the back of the package recommends a 5-second draw for each “serving,” but you’ll be better off with about 3 seconds. Five seconds was just a bit too long, even for our veteran smokers.

Caliva and G Pen GIO
G Pen GIO is pretty slick.

Caliva Classic Jack (Sativa)

The terpenes are out in full force in Caliva’s Classic Jack; pinene, for sure, and if we had to bet, limonene as well. Lots of lime and citrus on both the inhale and the exhale. After a couple of hits, this Jack reminded us of Trainwreck, in a good, flavorful way. An excellent head buzz and an upbeat high means that basically, if you like Jack strains, you’ll definitely like this one too.

To no one’s surprise, at CandC we liked to pair the Classic Jack with morning, and possibly afternoon, coffee. Really helped jump start the day, whenever the day actually started – not so much a wake and bake as a kick in the rear to get up and go. This formulation also provided some needed motivation to tackle chores…and was also a great reward once those chores were done.

Grade: A

Caliva Classic Jack sativa vape oil cartridge
Caliva’s Classic Jack is pretty damn terpy.

Caliva Cali OG (Indica)

Spicy on the inhale and earthy on the exhale, Caliva’s Cali OG is a heavy duty indica offering, and we really do mean heavy duty. An actual quote from Silas, our editor: “I’m a daily smoker and five hits of this got me hiiiiigh. Yes, high with 5 I’s – one for each pull. What?”

So, if you’re a newer user, tread lightly. One or two hits of Cali OG will definitely do the job, whatever the job may be – stress relief, sleep, anxiety – and you can expect to feel a fully body high pretty quickly. Cali OG helped a long day melt away, and we were ready to sleep about 20 minutes after smoking. Interestingly, this formulation also suppressed our appetites, suggesting that there may be some humulene in the secret sauce.

Grade: A

Caliva Cali OG indica vape oil cartridge
Caliva’s Cali OG hits hard and fast.

Caliva Day Dream (Hybrid)

Day Dream was our third favorite of the three carts, purely due to taste – not because it tasted bad (far from it) but because it lacked the full flavor like the other two. We tasted some lime and hints of citrus, but were left wanting more.

From an effects standpoint, Day Dream absolutely held up. The high was mellow and came on gently, a nice balance of body and head high. Caliva recommends this formulation for all-day use and the CandC staff agrees – if you’re into microdosing, Day Dream is for you.

Grade: B

Caliva Day Dream hybrid vape oil cartridge
Caliva’s Day Dream cart is great for microdosing throughout the day.

Overall Grade: B+

The GIO battery is discreet, looks pretty slick and is astoundingly easy to use; in fact, this pen has made it into regular rotation for at least one staff member here at CandC. Caliva’s vape cartridges are available in-store in San Jose (and on Eaze throughout the rest of the state) and retail for $39.99.

Besides these three carts, Caliva also has a CBD formulation in the works, so keep an eye out for that. We’ll post an update to this review once we get our greedy hands on a cartridge!

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