Holiday Roundup: Cannabis and Christmas

Well, Christmas is upon us once again. For some, it’s a joyous time, for others it’s stressful as hell, and for still others…you don’t celebrate the holiday anyway and it’s just another smoking day of the year. Regardless of what, who and how you celebrate, CaC’s got the very best of Cannabis and Christmas right here:

The 10 Best Types of Marijuana for a Joyous Holiday Season

The Fresh Toast has a nice little top 10 list of holiday strains to help keep you merry and bright. CaC editor Silas’s top pick from The Fresh Toast’s list is White Widow:

“I’ve been big on Pure Xtracts cartridges for a while now, and their White Widow is quite tasty. Watch the pull at first, but after heating up for a minute it draws quite nicely.”

And with that, we also have:

How to Hide the Smell of Weed During the Holiday Season

Merry Jane knows what it’s like to be stuck with your extended family for way too long. So when you sneak out for that smoke, remember to follow their tips for hiding the smell of weed during the holidays.

(Editor’s note: Just skip the classic marijuana smell altogether and get yourself a vape pen. Unknowing family members won’t know what they’re smelling, if you smell at all. Yes, I love my pen, why do you ask? -Silas)

5 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress with Cannabis

Trapped with the family the next few days, or just feeling the (not-so-good) burn? The folks over at Green Flower have some great tips for relieving all that stress buildup from the end of the year. Everything from edibles to baths – but the bottom line? Self-care is always number 1.

The Top 10 Cannabis Stories of 2017

Need a little reading material? Leafly just released their top 10 cannabis stories of 2017. On the list, you’ll find everything from that pesky elf Jeff Sessions to the use of cannabis as an alternative to opioids.

The Cannabist’s SmokeSongs: Christmas Trees

If you’re all caroled out with the family, take a read (then a listen) to The Cannabist’s brand new music column, SmokeSongs. Every month they’ll recommend music and  marijuana pairings. Kicking it off appropriately, this month is Christmas songs.

And if all that isn’t enough to make your heart grow three sizes, here’s a cute picture of a duck from yesterday:


We hope this roundup helps during the hectic Christmas season, wherever you are, whatever you celebrate and whomever you’re you’re celebrating with – cheers!

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